Why Are You Creating New Content Each Month for Your Membership?


Hae Park
Apr 14, 2020 · 1 min read

Honestly, I don’t UNDERSTAND it.

So many entrepreneurs are running their memberships by creating MONTHLY content. Like..Why?

As entrepreneurs, we have three things we MUST protect.

  1. Our time
  2. Our energy
  3. Our focus

Without these three, we easily burnout, make a mess and basically sabotage our business. (yup, speaking from experience here)

But this is not just about you. It’s also about your members.

Here’s the thing – the more content you have, the more it feels like homework to your members. I mean, I think finding the perfect movie to watch on Netflix is homework!

But here’s a realistic cycle of your members.

Month 1 – “I’m so excited to learn! I’m going to watch everything!”

Month 2 – “Trying to balance doing the work & consuming more content. Oh, I’ll hop in for office hours to ask questions!”

Month 3 – “Eh, this topic doesn’t really resonate with me. I’ll just skip this one”

Month 4 – “There’s too much to keep up with each month. It’s overwhelming”

And guess what?

If they can cancel homework, they will.

And to avoid situations like this, you need to be strategic in what content you put out and how it will be delivered to them. More content doesn’t always equal more value.

Of course, this is what you’re signed up for.

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