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no more diy websites

Let’s Design Festival
—Level Websites.

We design & develop websites of festival level and bring strategic value to make a change for timeless brands and businesses.

Our two-phase approach leaves zero room for error.

Our signature two-phase approach allows us to develop unique strategies and solutions for complex projects without being tied down to one-size-fits-all solutions.

Breakdown of  Phase 1

week 1

Onboarding — We’ll send you an onboarding package of a detailed walkthrough of the entire project timeline, what’s included, what needs to be done when, and a questionnaire to get started.

Introductory Meeting — Once we receive all the information we need from you, we will host an introductory meeting where we discuss the timeline, brainstorm any ideas, and jot down important notes for the project.

week 2

Customer Research — Using the information you provided in the questionnaire, our team will conduct a study on your customers or the target customers you want to attract with the website.

Brand Voice Guide — From the information collected during research and conducting interviews, we will develop a brand voice guide: the words, phrases, and mood set throughout your web copy, social media, emails, and every other platform that connects you to your customer.

week 3

Information Architecture — One website contains multiple types of information. From funnels to blog posts and contact pages, we'll put together an Information Architecture (IA) diagram.

Sitemap Using the IA diagram, we'll decide and outline all of the pages that need to be designed and developed in the full website. This is what will determine the scope of Phase 2.

Breakdown of  Phase 2

week 1-2

Creative Direction — From mood boards to inspiration, layout styles, and more, we'll put together the creative direction that we're taking the project and get your approval.

Website Copy — Using the Brand Voice Guide we developed in Phase 1, our team will write the content (copy) of the website. We do this before creating wireframes because we prioritize storytelling through design.

week 3-4

Custom Website Design — We will design the complete prototype of the website using the website sitemap and copy that we have developed.

week 5-6

Custom Website Development — After the design prototypes are presented and approved, we will go into developing the complete website.

SEO Strategy — Once the website is fully developed, presented, and approved, we will prepare the website to launch by configuring technical SEO.


Haeun Park
— Founder of Made at Dawn

Meet the Founder & Director of Made at Dawn.

Haeun Park —

As a professionally certified website design & developer, Haeun has worked with brands worldwide to deliver websites that turn ideas into thoughtfully planned-out digital experiences.

Haeun spends most of her time behind her desk, with a 35" monitor she proudly boasts to her family, who doesn't understand why it's crucial to a designer.

A moment of silence for her monitor.

Her life motto is "ignorance is a form of bravery," which motivates her to try new, bold things in life that most people are afraid to do.

Haeun's eye for design, detail in development, and experience in architecting websites enables her to combine creativity and technology to provide an all-encompassing solution that is not just well-designed, but practical and well-planned.

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service faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you use? — As a full service web agency, we offer e-commerce website design for consumer goods companies and WordPress development for service-based companies. We create custom websites using WordPress, Shopify, and even Squarespace.

What are your payment requirements? — A 50% non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking, with the remaining balance due on the last day of your design period, before your launch. You’ll also need to purchase your domain and your annual or monthly hosting plan.

I know I really need this website, but am I gonna have to sell my cute left kidney to pay for it? — We get it. Launching your new brand or website can feel overwhelming. But being a successful business owner means investing in your online presence. Our packages deliver more than just pretty sites: you get conversions, increased profits and serious growth.

How do I know that this investment will pay off? — We give you more than a beautiful site. To connect you to your dream customers, we use results-driven strategies such as StoryBrand messaging, SEO services, and an intentionally designed user experience. Your new brand and web presence will convert your audience into happy customers.

How long will it take to design (or re-design) my site? — Rushed work is stressful and less than perfect. We’ll include a realistic timeline in your custom proposal, and keep you updated at every step of the process.

Is this more than a website? — Yes. From brand strategy to content marketing, we’re a full-service brand agency. We tailor our services to fit your needs.

How do I know if you’re the right agency for me? — There are a lot of options out there, from five dollar logos to the world’s biggest web design agencies. In our consult call, we’ll talk about your business’s current challenges, where you want to go, and how to get you there. But we’ll also get a feel for each other. This is a relationship, and it works best when we really like each other.