How to Get Your First 100 Members Inside Your Membership


Hae Park
Apr 13, 2020 · 3 min read

So before we go over how to get your first 100 members, I need you to understand one thing.

For most memberships, ALL you need are 100 members. If you’re pricing your membership anywhere from $40 to $100, you’ll either make a full-time income from this or it’ll make up half of your income.

So if you’re listening to this and you want 200 to 300 members inside your membership, signing up for my case study will be a much more productive time for you. If you’re here and you want to automate your sales and operations of your membership, do that instead. Go to

But if you’re here, and you just want to make that first $5k or $10k, I’m going to say this one thing.

Get your butt off that high chair.

Whether or not you’re using an automated sales funnel, if you don’t have ATTENTION, no one’s going to join. An automated sales funnel is going to sell FOR you, but you still have to get people in there. Right?

So I’m going to go over the step-by-step process I recommend if you just launched your membership and you want members inside. And if you have an automated sales system, this is going to look so much better for you.

1. Choose one platform and create one piece of content every day

If you’re here and you just had a face of disgust, I’m going to repeat. Get your butt off that high chair. I say this ALL THE TIME. With selling, you give and ask. The sales funnel should do the asking for you. But if you’re not giving every day, you’re not going to get members every day.

I don’t care how much effort you put into this. I decided to choose a blog and podcast, but you can decide to choose your Facebook page or Instagram profile instead. But pick one platform, and show up on that platform every single day.

2. Repurpose the heck out of the content

I don’t understand why many people think if they put out content, people are going to be automatically attracted to it. You have to remember this – when you promote your content, your goal isn’t to get people to consume more of that same content. Your goal is to get people signed up for your sales funnel.

You can literally copy-paste what you created and publish it on a different platform. For example, if you sent a really short & valuable email to your list, copy-paste that to your Facebook page, Facebook group, and an Instagram post. You don’t have to do that instantly, but you can schedule it out over the week. It’s SO simple but SO underused.

3. Sell every day

So by selling, I’m not saying to sell your membership – pitching your membership’s value over and over again isn’t too productive. Instead, sell your webinar. Sell your webinar and membership sales page. (if you’re one of our clients, you have one page that has everything).

Talk to people. Post on your stories. Show behind the scenes of the membership. Talk about it as if it’s your most precious treasure. Talk about how exciting it is to connect with your members, talk about how excited you are to see them inside.

You have to work. Hard.

I don’t believe in success without hard work. I know these days it’s all about “ease” and “manifesting”, but I’m here to say if you DON’T do the work, you’re not going to get the members in.

But I mean it’s so simple. If you do everything I listed for the next 90 days, I really don’t get why you shouldn’t have 100 members inside your membership.

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