Are You Attracting the Right People in Your Business?


Hae Park
May 29, 2020 · 1 min read

Have you ever written this really long page about who your ideal person is for a certain product, and had a completely random person buy it?

Well here’s the thing.

There are 3 groups of people in your business:

1. People you think you’re attracting

2. People you’re actually attracting

3. People you want to attract

And most of the time, these three groups of people don’t intersect.

I’ve been developing membership and its funnels for many years.

I thought I was attracting 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs who wanted me to do everything.

I was actually mostly attracting entrepreneurs who were hustling their butt off to make their money and wanted to escape the hustle.

And I realized that I want to attract those who are stuck in the hustle to get their time back & run a stronger business using memberships.

And guess how long it took me to get this stuff nailed down?


Not one day, not one month, not even one year.

It took three years to figure this out.

And once I figured it out, I changed my messaging, offer, and even the timeline of my program. And I started getting people to join without speaking a word to them.

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